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NeighborLink Indy Makes it Possible to Give Back to the Community

Lowry Sewer & Drain is a true mom and pop shop that has been taking care of the Indianapolis area for nearly a decade. Not Indiana natives, the couple landed in Indiana when Mr. Lowry’s job brought him to the community. Mr. and Mrs. Lowry have been together for twenty-four years. When the idea of starting up a company of their own came around, they didn’t take the decision lightly.

“We’re perfectionists. We try to be very honest and up front in everything we do.” Said Joy Lowry. “The Lowry family is an awesome family. Lowry Senior was a great inspiration in integrity. He brought his family up to give to the community, to help where help was needed.”

It was this legacy of integrity and desire to give back to the community that paved the way for the partnership between Lowry Sewer & Drain and NeighborLink Indianapolis. Often, when NeighborLink runs into a project too large for volunteers or the volunteer handy people a licensed contractor or company is sought out to partner with. NeighborLink was fortunate to connect with the Lowry’s.

“I think I just went to Angie’s List, looked for small shops that did sewers and drains and started making the call. After talking with Joy, I started using them and have used them exclusively since.” - Tom Hawkins, Board of Directors for NeighborLink Indianapolis, Vice President

Lowry Sewer & Drain offer a variety of services—main line, tubs and sinks, washer lines, floor drains, root treatment, and more. They service property management clients and residential customers. Though it is a small company, they utilize some of the most up to date technology and equipment in the industry.

“We had never been approached to help anyone out before. We’re happy in Indianapolis and have adopted it as our own community,” said Joy Lowry. “We were happy to work with NeighborLink and make it work for both of us. It allows us to give back to the community without interfering with our regular customers.”

NeighborLink Indianapolis serves as the conduit between businesses and the community, specifically the senior homeowners and individuals with disabilities in the Indianapolis area. As the connector between a local business that wants to give back to the community in a safe and sustainable way and the community member who doesn’t have the means to hire for repairs; NeighborLink Indianapolis is always looking to find new partnerships to help serve our clients’ needs. If you’re interested in partnering with NeighborLink Indianapolis for a single project or an on-going partnership, let us know!

“There wasn’t a negative for us. This allowed us to give back and help the community in a reasonable way.” - Joy Lowry, Lowry Sewer & Drain

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