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Home for Huff

Ms. Huff has known her home for forty years, the last ten she has lived in it with her father and when he passed, on her own. Her father passed away just a few years back and left his home to Ms. Huff and her sister. 

The home is a modest single-story home on the city’s East side. Often considered a rougher neighborhood by those who don’t frequent it, Ms. Huff finds it relatively quiet and she likes her neighbors. 

Unfortunately the home had been neglected some by the time Ms. Huff inherited it. From an HVAC that had seen better days, electrical issues that posed sincere safety concerns, plumbing problems that were likely to develop into detrimental issues and exterior repair needs including damage done by a tree that still loomed over the roof. Ms. Huff was overwhelmed and at a fixed income well below the poverty level, she wasn’t able to even consider some of the estimates for work she had been given. She called 2-1-1 and was referred to NeighborLink Indianapolis in 2020. 

“My house may be kinda junky, but it’s home.” Ms. Huff declares.

Ms. Huff uses a makeshift combination of fencing, zip ties, branches and bramble to keep her dogs in her yard and though NeighborLink Indianapolis has repaired damaged siding on the exterior of her home, it could use more TLC. However, in total, NeighborLink Indianapolis has been able to complete 14 projects to make Ms. Huff’s home a safer place to live. Ms. Huff is a great example of a homeowner that has been able to remain in the most affordable home available to her - the one she owns, thanks to continuously connecting with NeighborLink Indianapolis after the completion of a project. 

Is supporting affordable housing an issue near and dear to your heart? Please consider a monthly donation to NeighborLink Indianapolis to help us continue to provide homeowners like Ms. Huff with home repairs at no cost. By helping them stay safe in their homes and securing that home for the next generation, we are a significant piece in the puzzle of affordable housing.

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