A Growing Problem

It may be difficult to imagine a need for services NeighborLink provides, especially when driving through downtown Indianapolis or up in one of the historic neighborhoods within our city, but the need is real.


Estimates from a U.S. Census Bureau survey indicate that there are over are 12,000 owner-occupied senior households in Marion County with household incomes less than 150% of the poverty level. On top of that, there are approximately 4,000 owner-occupied households below the poverty level that report an individual with a physical disability.


For those seniors who are living on less than 150% of the poverty level and may not have family or friends who can help them with small home repairs—those small issues can stack up to be great big issues. It may be surprised to learn how many seniors in Marion County alone do not have a working furnace or plumbing. For those seniors, they do not have the funds nor the family to help. That's where we come in.



Did You Know

  • Each year, one in three adults 65+ falls

  • Half of falls occur at home

  • Falls are a leading cause of injury, even death

  • Among the main risks at home for falling are: lack of grab bars and railings, poor lighting, and tripping hazards.



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