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Linking Up: Elements Financial and NeighborLink Connect to Serve Indy Community

What do a credit union and a home improvement non-profit have in common? The goal of helping their local community! Indianapolis-based Elements Financial is proud to support NeighborLink Indianapolis through multiple grants and corporate contributions, involvement in our annual all-employee volunteer day, and employee representation on the NeighborLink board.

Elements employee and NeighborLink board member Jake Engel explains, “When we first met with a representative of NeighborLink several years ago, we knew the partnership would be a perfect fit.” The credit union was founded more than 90 years ago by Eli Lilly which also happens to be where Dave Withey, Executive Director of NeighborLink Indianapolis, spent most of his career. “Plus, we share the same goal of making Indianapolis a better place to be, live, and grow,” Engel added.

The relationship between our organizations started when employees got the opportunity to volunteer for an outdoor painting project for a local homeowner on “Purpose Day,” the annual time Elements sets aside for all employees to work on projects impacting the community. This specific project benefitted a homeowner who was at risk of being cited or possibly evicted due to the cracking paint and reports to the City of Indianapolis from neighbors. The employee-volunteers walked away covered in paint, yet still smiling knowing they helped an at-risk senior stay in his lifelong home.

In the current pandemic situation, NeighborLink has been cautious about allowing volunteers to work on projects onsite at the homes since many clients are in high-risk categories for COVID. But Elements was still committed to staying involved with NeighborLink in 2020.

That’s where “Seven Days of Smiles” came to fruition. Elements sent blank greeting cards, markers, stickers, and other supplies to all 180 of their employees to customize with encouraging messages and handmade decorations. Employees involved their entire families in the process, including many kids who were at home on virtual learning days. These cards were then mailed in sets of seven to NeighborLink clients across Marion County with instructions to open a new card each day for a week.

It’s amazing what an impact these cards had, considering many of the recipients were senior citizens that were unable to see friends, children, or grandchildren during the pandemic and were mostly quarantined at home alone. The cards were met with great excitement and many recipients reached out to say a quick thanks.

Elements encourages anyone in the Indianapolis community to consider NeighborLink for volunteer opportunities and personal or corporate contributions. Elements Financial is proud to be partners with such a respected local organization.

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