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75 Years Young

Mary is 75 years young and a proud grandmother of many. She and her husband purchased their home more than 37 years ago. They were tired of renting and wanted a space to call their own and share with their growing family.

The house itself stands out in the traditional looking neighborhood. Its rich green and black paint, decorative woodwork touches and backyard BBQ smoker, handmade of bricks and mortar indicate the loving hands that have made it a home.

“My husband was a jack-of-all trades,” Mary says with a grin. “He really was good, and I’m not just saying that because he was my husband. Everything I asked him to do, he’d sleep on it. Then the next day, he could do it.”

Mary’s love for her late husband and the home they built together is evident. When she found herself at risk of being fined out of her home from a Marion County Public Health Department citation she was beside herself. Thankfully, an inspector with the health department was quick to refer her to NeighborLink Indianapolis. We have since completed several projects for her, extending the longevity of her home and outdoor space; not to mention resolved the cited issue.

One of the larger projects was removing an old, rotting deck and rebuilding it in the existing location. Typically NeighborLink Indianapolis wouldn’t be able to take on such a labor intensive and costly project for a homeowner. However, as this was a citation case and a perfect fit for our BY Plus work experience cohort, we were able to take it on and build a very sturdy replacement deck—complete with a safety rail, handrail and steps.

Mary was overjoyed. “It means everything to me to keep this home.”

If helping homeowners safely age in place, in the homes they have built their lives in speaks to you, please consider supporting home repairs such as these to help older adults and individuals with disabilities keep their homes. Donate today.

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