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Giving Thanks for a Warm & Cozy Thanksgiving

Today is a day full of gratitude. We give thanks for every person that has contributed in some way to our mission of helping homeowners age in place safely and with dignity. Frequently we hear from homeowners we’ve been able to help and we’d like to share three of those notes of thanks with you.

Ms. Willa is a sweet homeowner in her eighties who shares her home of 48 years with her grandson, his wife, their little baby and an adopted daughter. For the last two years the family has gone without heat. Their HVAC was long-dead and not fixable. For heat, the family would use space heaters but only a few rooms could be heated at one time otherwise they would blow the breakers. Believe it or not, but Ms. Willa had called NeighborLink Indianapolis about a leak they had in the home. When our team member went out to assess the situation, he noticed the space heaters around and asked about them. She shared how they heat their home and that she didn’t think it was something we could help with. We are so happy to report that we were absolutely able to help with that and a new furnace was installed last week. We also repaired the leak in her roof. Next week Citizens Energy Group will be installing new ADA toilets as well. Ms. Willa called us with the deepest of gratitude not only from herself for herself but for her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her home feels more comfortable and so much safer.

Ms. Sheila is a widow in her sixties with no income. She has applied for disability but it is a long process. Her home of more than 34 years has been her place of safety and security but her furnace hasn’t been working. She had gotten repairs done on it, we had even done a repair but even then, we knew it wasn’t going to hold for much longer. We were able to replace this furnace this week and Ms. Sheila was thrilled with her new warmer, quieter furnace. She called to thank us and thank our furnace vendor crew for blessing her with a warm place to live.

Finally, Mr. Jack and his wife have lived in their home for more than 43 years. Their old gas furnace had been converted from an oil furnace and had been living on borrowed time. It was a 40+ year old furnace system! Mr. Jack’s wife is working through health issues and was well aware of every degree drop that happened. We were able to replace their furnace this week and the couple could not be happier. Talk about a cozy holiday season this year! Mr. Jack called to share how grateful he and his wife were for what we, the furnace team and our donors have done for them.

We want to give a special thank you to our furnace repair and replacement partner, Sweet’s Heating & Cooling. Without them we truly could not have helped these three homeowners and so many more over the years.

Happy day of thanks and gratitude. We hope you, like these homeowners and their families, are enjoying a very cozy Thanksgiving.

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James Pamment
James Pamment
04 abr

From the initial consultation to the final installation, the HVAC Contractor Plantation team demonstrated professionalism and expertise. Thank you for making our home feel like a cozy retreat!

Me gusta

15 ene 2022

HVAC Repair Diamond Bar technician is the right person to help in such cases. He will examine the machine thoroughly to understand its present condition and suggest if it is time to replace the unit or if it just needs some repairs.

Me gusta
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