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Thankful for the Holidays

Mary recently turned 90 years old much to others surprise. She doesn’t look how 90 year olds are depicted, and there is no feeble voice here. When she speaks, her voice reflects cheer, contentment, and gratitude.

“God keeps a hand on me. When you are in God’s hand, he’ll take care of you,” she says.

Living in a home built in 1926, Mary has incurred her share of large expenditures over the years. Common homeowner expenses such as installing a roof and gutters, remediating mold in the basement, as well as replacing a furnace, air conditioning, hot water heater, kitchen stove, washer, and refrigerator. These were out of pocket expenses she arranged to pay for herself, she notes.

Recently, Mary learned of NeighborLink Indianapolis through her church. Through NLI, she was able to get the drains in her bathroom and kitchen sinks and her tub cleaned out. Also, a crew came and worked in her yard during NLI’s 2nd Annual Fall Repair Fest on October 29. This was particularly helpful, Mary says, since she has a large yard. Although she is in reasonably good health, yard work is beyond her abilities.

Mary has had her share of trials during her lifetime. She lost both of her adult children within a period of two years. Her husband has also passed. However, she has seven grandchildren who keep tabs on her.

Forty five years is a long time to live in one place, but it remains special. “I love being at home,” Mary says. Her grandkids insisted she come to one of their homes for Thanksgiving. Mary is still able to drive, but she would just as soon stay home for Christmas. But she admits that her grandchildren may have other ideas.

Mary worked at K-Mart for 17 years which led to her collection of Barbie Dolls. They occupy a place of honor in her living room, and number thirty-six in all. When asked if she had any Ken dolls, she replies with an emphatic “no!”

As the holidays approach, Mary shares her philosophy that has sustained her in both good times and in bad.

“If you want to stay alive, you can’t quit. I am not broken down. I don’t talk like that." Stated Mary, “I am better than blessed.”

There are so many individuals in our community who are content to age in place, but can’t keep up with the larger maintenance needs nor are financially in a place to hire out those needs. NeighborLink Indianapolis is honored to serve these homeowners through the enthusiasm of volunteers, and generous donations from individuals like yourself.

Can you help us with the gift of your financial support? Donate today.

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