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Students Save Senior Homeowner from Fines

Before and after photos are so encouraging, aren’t they? Especially when they’re connected to a senior homeowner being cited by the Health Department. Unfamiliar with city citations? A senior homeowner is sent a letter informing them they need to correct a violation or be fined. In this home’s case, the fines were more than $2,000. As a senior below 150% of the poverty line, this was very scary! The senior was referred to us for assistance. Initially we had to delay help. She had multiple parts to the citation - primarily a garage that needed repainting and a clearing of brush and overgrowth around the building and it would need a larger group of volunteers than we had been making do with thanks to COVID-19.

Fortunately, we were able to connect with a group of junior high and high school volunteers who wanted to do some good in the community. St. Pius worked with NeighborLink to ensure their students understood the importance of maintaining physical distance and having their masks even while on site. Thankfully, outdoor projects like this one make staying safe much easier.

“I really enjoy helping people in need,” said Eli, an 8th grader at St. Pius. “This could possibly help her stay in her home and living here so she doesn’t have to move. It makes her home prettier to look at too.”

The group of students took two half days to tackle the scraping paint, painting and yard cleanup. They had a good time teasing with one another while accomplishing a great deal for this senior in need.

“Volunteering makes a good impact on the community and it’s just really nice to see the before and after pictures.” Aaron, a senior at North Central High School went on to say, “I think what we’ve done here has made the homeowner really happy and gives her something to look at. I think people get a good experience out of volunteering, it makes them a better person and it feels really good to help other people.”

We couldn’t agree more! If you’re curious about how to put together a group of your co-workers, parishioners, or even a group of friends to help a senior homeowner with a project like this one, let us know!

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