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Progress with team players

We are making progress and working hard to tackle that waiting list of seniors in need that built up in the early months of this year. One of the ways we've been able to take on more projects is with the inception of our Volunteer Teams. We've broken out the most frequently requested needs and created teams to regularly go and take on those repairs, Gutters, Painting, Clean-ups, and Accessibility. Though we aren't going indoors with volunteers yet, there are plenty of outdoor projects to cross off the list. A huge THANK YOU to those who have already joined and participated in one or more of our Volunteer Teams. We truly would not be able work without you.

This virus is scary, particularly for one of the most vulnerable populations, seniors. NeighborLink Indianapolis is working hard to balance providing needed help without exposing senior homeowners unnecessarily. Outdoor projects are done with appropriate safety measures such as face masks, distance, disinfectants, etc. We have done necessary home repairs indoors using paid contractors to minimize risk as they are more equipped than volunteers to assure the safety of the homeowner. No surprise that this extra precaution does drive our costs up.

To that point, thank you to our donors who have enabled us to provide those professionals for our seniors in need. As fall approaches we know those calls for indoor repair help will increase and we will need funds even more. You will be hearing about NAP funds and other areas for fundraising in the coming weeks as well as a recap of some wonderful volunteer groups that have braved this new world of volunteering.

As always, if you feel compelled to donate, volunteer, or bring a group to volunteer we will be so grateful.

P.S. I'm still learning about it. . . but we're on Instagram now. If you're on Instagram, give us a follow @indyneighborlink

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