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Meet Linda

Linda is a lovely senior citizen, born & raised in Indianapolis and primarily on the Eastside. She enjoys talking with people and exploring places, traveling. "Just simple things in life make me happy," said Linda. "Having my home together as I once did."

Having her home together is exactly how we met Ms. Linda. Her home that she owns and has lived in for decades was in need of repairs over the course of the last couple of years—overgrown trees at risk of falling, windows needing repair, and a sink faucet that needed replacing.

"Financially, I didn't have the money to get things done. These volunteers are the blessing! They volunteer their time and talent which is really great." Linda, like many senior homeowners found herself in a predicament, she had no one to help do small repairs around her home that would be leading to very big problems. "As I got older and my husband passed, a lot of things that I could have done when I was younger, I can't do now. An organization like NeighborLink means a lot."

Linda found us though her neighbor who had used NeighborLink for a project in the past and had been appreciative of the kind staff and amazing volunteers. She decided to give NeighborLink a call.

"The group was on time, accurate, engaging. I didn't realize at first that they were volunteers. When I learned they weren't being paid for this help, I was blown away! The interaction, friendliness—they genuinely cared. I thought that was really nice." Linda was further impressed by the help she receives from Jeanette, a long-time volunteer and considered one of the NeighborLink Indianapolis founding members. "This lady here has been my link to everything. I call on her when I need help and she does not hesitate to get back with me right away. She has to get in touch with whomever is available to help, and she does!"

If you have a heart for longtime homeowners in your community, like Linda, consider spending a few hours helping them with simple home repairs or donating a few dollars to help supply those repairs.

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