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What is NeighborLink?


NeighborLink Indianapolis, often referred to as "NeighborLink Indy" is a small 501(c)3 charity that serves Indianapolis and Marion County Indiana. It was established in Indianapolis in 2013 to help low-income seniors with home repairs. Our mission is to assist low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities with home repairs necessary to remain in their own homes safely and with a measure of dignity.


Free home repair and maintenance services in 11 specific categories to very low-income seniors within Marion County Indiana. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Plumbing and heating services

  • Electrical safety

  • Ceiling and wall repair

  • Floor and tripping hazard issues

  • Roofing problems

  • Water penetration

  • Maintenance related painting

  • Yard work

  • Major cleanup services

  • Safety and accessibility (rails, grab bars, handles, bathroom accessibility, etc.)

  • Help resolving Health Department citations

How it Works

Seniors in need give us a call and are guided through a process that enables us to post their requests on the NeighborLink Indy website. NeighborLink Indy then coordinates a network of volunteers who assess the problem, recruit the right help, and get the work done. We use local volunteers where possible, skilled handymen and local professionals who make their services available without charge, and we pay for services when necessary for legal, safety or other reasons.


Funding to date has been from donors or private grants. More than 90% of donated funds go directly into material costs and contractor services for specific projects. We have no payroll or facilities costs; we are all volunteers. NeighborLink Indy is two years into the development of a unique volunteer and community service model that engages neighbors, churches, companies, and home repair related contractors, in assisting our most vulnerable seniors to remain safely in their own homes as they age.

The community based approach appealed to volunteers and business partners alike. In our third month of operation, we were awarded a grant by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana for the following year. We ended 2014 with more than 300 volunteers, more than 30 community partner organizations, and an overwhelming demand for help from elderly homeowners.

If you have a heart for our most vulnerable neighbors in Indy, come be a part of helping us with our mission. Give a donation, volunteer, or share our organization with someone who would be interested in helping touch the life of a senior in need! You can donate here, or volunteer here. Drop Dave a line for more info by emailing him or call at (317) 286-2740. We'd really like to hear from you!

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