Love your neighbor.


The Basics - great things to know as a volunteer for NeighborLink Indianapolis

Core Philosophy - Eliminate Barriers 

One of our core philosophies is to eliminate the barriers for those wanting to help. Those barriers look different for each homeowner and for each volunteer. So, if you are bumping into a barrier, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can always reach us at or (317) 286-2740.

Select projects to lead or work through a service manager

You can choose any project whose status is “New/Needs Coached,” and coach that project.  If you are the project coach, you are responsible for coordinating with the homeowner and gathering the necessary resources to complete the project and reporting its status on the website.  If you would rather work with a service manager, choose a project whose status is “Planning” or “Scheduled."  In this case, the service manager has already Coached the project, and is responsible for organizing and getting them done with volunteers like you.  You will work as part of a pool of volunteers for that service manager.  Let us know how you would like to work and we’ll help set you up. 

Website Maintenance 

We ask that you make sure to select the projects you take on by clicking the “Coach” or “Volunteer” buttons on the website to let everyone else know you have selected to work on a specific project.   If you selected a project to Coach, we also ask you to status the project throughout its life by marking it as “Planning”, “Scheduled” or “Completed”, as appropriate.  Clicking the “More info” button on any project and then the “Manage/edit” button at the next level can access this status.  This will help us understand the status of all of our programs and effectively manage the project activities.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for help. 


We hope you or your organization can bring some funding with you.  But whether you can or not, we want you to help the homeowner.  NLI has some funding available upon request and access to other sources that may be able to help. If you need funding from NLI, we ask that you contact us directly before buying supplies to go over the project and what the financial needs are.We never want volunteers asking homeowners for money!  Our homeowners are vetted for low income so financial resources are unlikely to be available.  If a homeowner does wish to provide funding we ask them to simply make a donation to NLI after the work is complete. We encourage our volunteers and the churches, schools or businesses we work with, to consider how they can participate financially.  It’s a way for the volunteer or team to have a deeper sense of ownership to the project and the transformation that comes with the process.  It also allows us to help more people in need.

Liability & Waiver Form 

We have a Waiver Form that can be accessed once you select a project as a Coach.  We NEED you to get this signed by the homeowner. This is their statement that they own the property, give volunteers permission to work on it, agree not to sue anyone if there are problems, and allow us take photos without compensation.  If the homeowner refuses to sign the waiver then we must respectfully decline to do the work.  This is a VITAL part of NLI and allows us to do what we do.  

Volunteer At Your Own Risk 

We are a “Volunteer At Your Own Risk” organization.  You can access the Volunteer waiver by clicking ‘More Info’ near the upper left corner, selecting ‘Volunteer Resources’, and finally clicking ‘Volunteer Waiver’ to download. However, we also ask that you never engage in any activity that you are uncomfortable about or feel unsafe performing.  Let us know if you have questions or concerns. 

NeighborLink is here to Help 

We’re here to help as much or as little as you need to accomplish your chosen project. Don’t hesitate to ask before, during, or after your project is done. Thanks again for volunteering.  Without you we could not do what we do!