Handy Hands

This team takes on simple plumbing projects, ceiling and wall repairs, patches, flooring, doors, and window repairs.


You do not need to have prior handyman experience to join this group. After several volunteer experiences with this crew, the “newbies” become more handy themselves! 


This is a great group to join if you’re looking to learn a little more about how to DIY those small projects at home.


This group always has at least one veteran volunteer who can help teach a new volunteer how to do the necessary repairs.

For 2020 this team doesn't have set days/times that they do projects. Instead, when you join this team you will be notified when a project needs Handy Hands to complete it. You can accept or decline the project based on your availability at that time.

Ready to join the Handy Hands team? Fill out this form. Have questions? No problem, email us.