Volunteer Opportunities

NeighborLink Indianapolis is primarily volunteer run – from our volunteer board of directors to our volunteers swinging hammers and holding up gutters. If you have time, talents or treasure to give to our mission, we will gladly accept it. How can you help?


  • You can sponsor and champion the NeighborLink cause – helping seniors stay safely in their own homes.  Connect us with your church, business or club. Invite us to speak at an event. Organize a group to volunteer together, or just connect us with other people who want to help. We can help you do this or you may have ideas please contact us!

  • You can volunteer your time and talents! Consider taking on any of the following open roles:


Unique role tailored to your interests and abilities:

Many of our best volunteers come to an event or two helping seniors, or just call the office and get involved. Then they see the needs and find a unique role that fits them and maximizes their ability to contribute and help. Everyone wins. If you would like to explore possibilities, contact us and let’s talk!

Join a Volunteer Team:

We have five volunteer teams to choose from. You can be part of one or more! Handy Hands, Painting Pals, Accessibility Angels, Clean-Up Crew, and the Gutter Group. No experience required, join the team for projects when you're available, no requirement for how many team projects you join.

Work Assessors:

Each of our twelve repair services needs volunteers with some knowledge of the repair type (yardwork, painting, cleaning, gutters, windows and doors, handyman repairs, etc.) to visit senior’s homes and assess the work needed, document it, take some photos and write up the work requirements.  Assessors work in pairs so there’s a lot of on the job training that happens. Work hours are flexible so you can sign up for once a month or once a week depending on your interests.

Project Lead:

NeighborLink typically does more than 50 group projects at seniors homes each year in addition to another 350 individual repairs with individual volunteers or professionals.  Volunteers are needed to organize those group projects and see that everything comes together for a successful event on a Saturday or weekday morning. The project leader coordinates with our Volunteer Coordinator, who brings the volunteer groups, with the technical manager who understands the work to be done, site supervisor(s) who will be on-site directing the workers, and with the homeowner themselves.  They plan and communicate to everyone to be sure it all comes together successfully.

Site Supervisors:

This role involves directing a small group of 5 to 15 volunteers at a senior’s home for 3 hours to either paint, clean, or perform yard work.  The supervisor arrives before the group volunteers and greets the homeowner, prepares tools and materials that have been delivered to the site, then greets the volunteers and sets them up to do the work.  The supervisor will have been oriented to the work by a service manager prior to the event. For 3 hours the supervisor directs volunteers, solves problems and keeps work proceeding. You can volunteer to supervise whenever you have time to help by signing up on a calendar posted online.  Training and orientation are provided.

Volunteers to pull the trailer:

Volunteer events (typically 3-hour events) can require a trailer for tools (ladders etc.), materials (lumber, topsoil, etc.), or to haul away waste (branches, yard waste, trash).  We need a few volunteers with their own vehicle that can pull our trailers (typically 12ft flatbed trailer) comfortably. Volunteers to load and unload are generally available. Most work obviously takes place before and after volunteer events most often on Saturdays but occasionally on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Frequency is up to you and your schedule.

Construction Experienced or semi-skilled workers:

If you have knowledge / experience in any of these services, you would be invaluable to us; plumbing, electrical, roofing / gutters, residential construction, drywalling, or general handyman repairs.  We typically have more than 125 open requests for help from seniors. If you are willing to share your talents and time, we will accommodate your needs to make a way for you to help. Just let us know and we can talk about possibilities.

Grant Writer / Researcher:

Work along with an experienced grant writer to research potential grant making foundations and potential donors.  Learn how to plan and prepare for grant applications and assist the writer in authoring or authors grant applications yourself when prepared. We need talented people interested in learning from the best. Hours are flexible and commitment depends on your availability. If this sounds like you, contact us.

Funding Assistant:

We need volunteers who can work with our Development Director in building our funding programs.  Demand for NeighborLink help is exploding and we need to fund that work. We need volunteer help in researching, setting up new databases and tracking systems, in creating the materials for fundraising programs, planning fundraising events and lots of other related work.  Work schedule is very flexible to meet your needs. Please let’s talk.





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