Love your neighbor.

CRG Construction Gives Back in a Big Way


We are grateful for every volunteer that comes our way. We're totally blown away when one of those awesome volunteers turns into a company service project, specifically a company that knows a thing or two about construction. Chip Moreland of CRG Construction was just such a volunteer. He volunteered to take on a garage that had been cited by the city for needed repairs. CRG offered to give it a full-on "Garage Make Over." We're not ones to argue with such an offer.

We notified the homeowners that we could take on their garage we just needed to have it cleared out by that following week. We would help her clear it out, we just needed them on board with the process. Not only were they more than willing to clear their garage, they were thrilled that a construction company had willingly agreed to help them. The homeowners are a senior mother and her daughter. The mother was mostly confined to her bed, but eagerly looked forward to updates from her daughter who jumped right in to get her hands dirty with us.

The project wasn't on for a novice team. The garage needed extensive repairs to the framing before any kind of exterior beautification could happen. CRG began their task on March 31st and wrapped up in late April, but in the end, the homeowners had practically a new garage! New framing, more secure siding, new door frames and more. They were beside themselves with joy. CRG Construction took care of everything! 

Projects like these come onto our waitlist and many times, have to remain there until we can find enough skilled volunteers to take on the project. When city citations are involved, we work with the city to extend timelines when possible by showing bits of progress is happening. It tends to take a much longer time than the swift month that this garage was take care of. 

We don't always know the circumstances that lead a city to call a citation on a resident. Sometimes its a neighbor who is fed up with tall grass or a broken down garage. Sometimes the city takes notice and does so for safety reasons. Rarely is it sheer negligence of the homeowner. Many of the individuals we speak to have a great affection for their homes and are saddened by the fact they are not physically as capable as they once were nor are their pockets as deep as they were retirement. Next time you spot a regular "eye-sore" in your neighborhood, consider getting to know your neighbor and learning more of the "why" behind it, perhaps you'll be the next CRG Construction crew for that neighbor of yours.