Love your neighbor.

Day of Service from Case Design/Remodeling


Service projects are not new to Case Design/Remodeling. They are a civic-minded company and have taken part in a variety of volunteer projects throughout their community. This time, however, they were specifically looking for something large enough to engage all of their 45 employees.

Since Case Design/Remodeling is a home remodeling company, they sought out a volunteer opportunity that would allow them to maximize their impact in the community by playing to their strengths. We, at NeighborLink Indianapolis, have PLENTY of projects to offer their very skilled employees to choose from. In addition to giving back to the community, Case Design/Remodeling is able to benefit from the team building opportunity these volunteer experiences tend to provide.

We are extremely excited to be partnering with Case Design/Remodeling this year. They have generously committed to two full days, one on May 19th and the other in the fall, on September 15th. We are anticipating being able to cover six to eight of the larger projects on our waitlist for low-income seniors in Marion County. 

The cases we will be entrusting to Case Design/Remodeling necessitate highly skilled individuals to complete the to-do lists safely and efficiently. A number of these projects include extensive repair to ceilings due to water damage, floor repairs, and kitchen cabinet building. The anticipated value of the work on the projects combined is about $30,000 to $60,000. That is an incredible donation of time, talent, and resources to the people we serve and we can’t thank Case Design/Remodeling enough.

Case Design/Remodeling is a recognized expert in home remodeling, with a proven process that combines innovative design and quality construction all under one roof. Serving the Greater Indianapolis Area for over 13 years, their in-house team of experienced architects, designers, project managers and skilled craftsmen help homeowners achieve their remodeling goals. Their projects come in all shapes and sizes - from complex, large-scale renovations & additions, to basic cosmetic updates.