Love your neighbor.

Why we do it


The need:

According to The Center forHousing Policy "By 2050, the population of individuals aged 65 or older will increase 120 percent from 40 million to more than 88 million; put another way, one in every five Americans will be 65+. The numbers of Americans aged 85or older will more than triple over the same period to 19 million."

Most recent Census Bureau data indicates there are nearly 10,000 senior citizens owning their own homes inMarion County Indiana, who also have incomes at or below national household poverty levels. For these seniors, when their homes have a significant failure such asa leaking roof, a furnace that won't heat, a toilet that won't flush, they have few or no options. Calling a repairman is simply not affordable. When their deteriorating health demands home modifications for accessibility reasons,again there are no realistic options beyond a long wait for a few openings in overburdened government programs. With the huge predicted growth in our population of seniors, we need new solutions, especially for the most at risk seniors. The NeighborLink home repair program offers a new model for community involvement and a grassroots approach that allows multiple parties to contribute as they are best equipped to contribute, be that money, skills,time, materials, or leadership.