Love your neighbor.

What we do


NeighborLink Indy provides free home repair and maintenance services in 11 specific categories to very low-income seniors within Marion County Indiana. These include

  1. Plumbing and heating services
  2. Electrical safety
  3. Ceiling and wall repair
  4. Floor and tripping hazard issues
  5. Roofing problems
  6. Water penetration
  7. Maintenance related painting
  8. Yard work
  9. Major cleanup services
  10. Safety and accessibility(rails, grab bars, handles, bathroom accessibility, etc.)
  11. Help resolving HealthDepartment citations

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Why we do it


The need:

According to The Center forHousing Policy "By 2050, the population of individuals aged 65 or older will increase 120 percent from 40 million to more than 88 million; put another way, one in every five Americans will be 65+. The numbers of Americans aged 85or older will more than triple over the same period to 19 million."

Most recent Census Bureau data indicates there are nearly 10,000 senior citizens owning their own homes inMarion County Indiana, who also have incomes at or below national household poverty levels. For these seniors, when their homes have a significant failure such asa leaking roof, a furnace that won't heat, a toilet that won't flush, they have few or no options. Calling a repairman is simply not affordable. When their deteriorating health demands home modifications for accessibility reasons,again there are no realistic options beyond a long wait for a few openings in overburdened government programs. With the huge predicted growth in our population of seniors, we need new solutions, especially for the most at risk seniors. The NeighborLink home repair program offers a new model for community involvement and a grassroots approach that allows multiple parties to contribute as they are best equipped to contribute, be that money, skills,time, materials, or leadership.

How do we do it


NeighborLink Indianapolis was created in 2013 to help low-income seniors with home repairs. In order to get help, seniors in need call us up and are guided through a process that ends with their requests being posted on the NeighborLinkIndy website.

Next, we coordinate a network of volunteers who assess the problem, recruit the right help and get the work done. We use local volunteers where possible, skilled handymen and local professionals who make their services available without charge, and we pay for services when necessary for legal, safety or other reasons.

Speaking of "paying" all funding is from donors or private grants. More than 90% of donated funds go directly into material costs and contractor services for specific projects. We have no payroll or facilities costs; we are all volunteers. NeighborLink Indy is three years into the development of a unique volunteer and community service model that engages neighbors, churches, companies, and home repair related contractors, in assisting our most vulnerable seniors to remain safely in their own homes as they age.

The community based approach appealed to volunteers and business partners alike. In our third month of operation, we were awarded a grant by the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana for the following year. We ended 2014 with over 300 volunteers, more than 30 community partner organizations, and three times the funding we had planned. In 2015 demand grew so fast we had to create qualification criteria, limit income levels, and restrict our geography. Demand grew again in 2016 so fast we had to cut off requests when we reached 170 waiting for help in October. Funding and volunteer resources are the two major factors limiting our ability to help.

Help us grow our ability to help more seniors in need by donating or volunteering.

Who are we - the people


Board of Directors for the NeighborLink Indianapolis Foundation Inc

Key Volunteers:

Jeanette - Volunteer services directorBeth - HVAC Service Manager and much more
Elaine - Client managementBrian - best plumber in Indianapolis
Robin - Plumbing Service ManagerTom - Professional services director
Dave - Executive Director and DevelopmentNorm - Electrical Service manager
Rachel - Communications DirectorJim - Carpenter Extraordinaire

The Gutter Team and dozens of other great people who volunteer regularly!

Where's the money coming from?


How is Neighborlink Indianapolis funded?

By your generosity! All our funding comes from private donations. Some funds are marked for specific projects, but most are for general operations. Supporting organizations provide funding and sponsorships, and we receive small grants from grant makers concerned for low-income senior and homeowners who are disabled in Marion County. Examples of such grantors are the Fair Housing Center for Central Indiana, the Central Indiana Senior Fund, the Retirement Research Foundation, IU Health, the Hansman grant, and others.

Are you aware of grant opportunities? Share them with us!