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Project #2325
Senior woman who vets for income. 8 year old furnace has stopped twice since Jan 1st. Was able to fix, but has been told if it stops again, will probably need ~$700 in parts to fix. She is to call if furnace breaks again, and we will have Darnell ...
Project #2324: Toilet Pipe clogged
Jack reports that he has a clog in a toilet pipe. Plunger does not work with the clog.
Project #2323: Porch Ceiling
sVetted 90 year old female has had her roof replaced. Part of the ceiling on Porch was torn off to fix leak.
Project #2322
Ms. Harris is having a plumbing issue in her bathroom. Her bathtub will often back up with water and she is unable to resolve the problem on her own.
Project #2321: Plumbing an roofing
Sewer an gutter an roof

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