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Volunteers needed to help seniors with health dept. citations

NeighborLink is working with the Marion County Health Department to assist low-income seniors whose homes have been cited. Seniors in these circumstances often want to resolve the citations but just don't have the resources to respond as needed. The ...

Plumbing Projects needing help NOW!

If you or someone you know can help with plumbing problems, please contact us and let's talk about how you can help. We have a lot of seniors waiting for help. Here's a link to the current list below. Take a look. Click here https://www.dropbox.com/s...

Seniors and Health Department Citations

The Marion County Health Department and NeighborLink Indy are partnering to help low-income seniors resolve citation situations. Did you ever wonder how citations for things like trash in the yard, uncut grass, unpainted or unmaintained homes happen?...

How's it going...

So far this year NeighborLink Indy has accepted 340 requests for help, and we have completed 178. Thanks to our generous donors and inspired volunteers, there is a lot of work underway - not enough, of course. Our bank account has dropped under $5000...

Why We Do What We Do

In our city of Indianapolis there are nearly 10,000 senior homeowners surviving on a social security check that pay basic expenses. When the roof leaks, the toilet won't flush, pipes freeze, the basement floods, or the lights go out - what do they do...

New Projects

Project #1187: Accessibilty

Vetted 82 year old female.

Project #1186

Senior female who is caregiver for her 87 year old mother. We were successful in replacing her furnace this winter, but they still need a water heater. Vets for income.

Project #1185

73 year old woman with two light switches, one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom, which do not work. Vets for income.