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Project #2500: Yardwork
*vetted** Clients states there are over grown weeds in yard and needs help clearing.
Project #2499: Electrical Wiring
**vetted** Client states the home is 100yrs+, and needs someone to redo or check the electrical wiring in basement. Client has blew a few microwaves and scared of fire hazard. Also down light fixture in bathroom needs repaired.
Project #2498: Pests
Client states the home has a lot of roaches, and despite bombing the house. They come back.
Project #2497: Kitchen Electricity Out
Previous client - Client states the kitchen electricity has gone out in the house, and needs someone to come quickly.
Project #2496: Ceiling Falling
**vetted CAGI** Client states upstairs in the home, considered the bonus room, the ceiling is falling down.

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