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Project #2375
Vetted: Senior female with plumbing request, kitchen faucet not working. She has other projects posted.
Project #2374: Furnace Out
**vetted** Senior Citizen called she was told to call when her furnace went out. Her furnace has gone out.
Project #2373
Senior woman, needs roof repair. Has had Bone Dry estimate. Dave will evaluate.
Project #2372: Yard Work
Major yard clean up, overgrown back yard. Brush and tree clearing. Have a chain saw. Can help with clean up. NEEDS VETTING
Project #2371: Flooring
Need to get rid of old rotten carpet in home. Underneath is broken tiles needing to be removed. Would like to replace with other type floor. Subfloor is concrete. Possible laminate replacement and carpet. I am willing to help, funding is limited , bu...

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