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Project #2099
vetted: Senior couple request help clearing soiled items from basement, history of water leak (unknown time) in basement, now fixed.
Project #2098
vetted: Senior couple requests help with decluttering house to clear citations.
Project #2097
Wall and Ceiling Damage in Need of repair
Project #2096: Restore bathroom in burned home
Bathroom will be moved to back corner of first floor of home. Floor needs to be raised to match rest of house. Door widened for wheelchair access. Roll in shower installed, new vanity and toilet. Sheet flooring and grab bars where needed. Vent f...
Project #2095: Rebuild burned kitchen
Rebuild burned kitchen from studs out. Plan is for plumbing replacement since it's really old. Then cabinets and countertop with sink and donated dishwasher install. Finally vinyl sheet on floor.

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