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Ruth aka Rusty Meyers

Ruth "Rusty" Meyer, 81, often jokes that she and her 81-year-old house are both going the way of old age. Meyer, who has lived alone on Indianapolis' near-northeast side for the past 31 years, suffers from vision loss and poor mobility. Her home had ...

What is NeighborLink Indianapolis

Background of NeighborLink's Home Repair Program NeighborLink Indianapolis is a small 501(c)3 charity that serves Indianapolis and Marion County Indiana. Our mission is to assist low-income and seniors with disabilities with home repairs necessary to...

What we do

NeighborLink Indy provides free home repair and maintenance services in 11 specific categories to very low-income seniors within Marion County Indiana. These include Plumbing and heating services Electrical safety Ceiling and wall repair Floor and tr...

Why we do it

The need: According to The Center forHousing Policy "By 2050, the population of individuals aged 65 or older will increase 120 percent from 40 million to more than 88 million; put another way, one in every five Americans will be 65+. The numbers of A...

How do we do it

NeighborLink Indianapolis was created in 2013 to help low-income seniors with home repairs. In order to get help, seniors in need call us up and are guided through a process that ends with their requests being posted on the NeighborLinkIndy website. ...

Featured Projects

Project #1772

66 year old amputee has ramp for house built by friend, but does not have railings. Vets for income.

Project #1771

53 year old disabled woman who has had multiple previous projects, but all cleared at this time. Requests help with painting front trim on one story house, and tacking down loose siding in back.

Project #1770

vetted: Disabled male requests painting of upstairs bathroom after it was rebuilt by NL.

Project #1769

Senior woman with leaking bathtub faucet. Repair difficult secondary to plumbing set up. Also needs garbage disposal removed. Has been evaluated by Robin. Previous projects.

Project #1768

vetted: Senior female and disabled daughter request help clearing out garage so repairs can be made per BOH citations.


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