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Project #2861: Hot water heater
No hot water..I am elderly and disabled and must bathe daily.also unable to wash dishes or clothes
Project #2860: Furnace
Furnace inducer motor assembly going out. Furnace making loud noise and sometimes a little to no heat. Small children in house. Vets for income.
Project #2859
previously vetted: Senior female with plumbing request, main water shut-off valve in the basement leaks
Project #2858
Elderly couple, vets for income, gas furnace working only intermittantly. They have replaced thermostat without improvement. Granddaughter, Amber Harris, is good contact person.
Project #2855
Vetted: Senior female with plumbing request, bathroom sink faucet with significant leak, water supply turned off to sink. Shower with very poor output. She has other projects posted.

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