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What is NeighborLink Indianapolis

NeighborLink Indianapolis Home Repair Program Background: NeighborLink Indianapolis is a small 501(c)3 publiccharity that serves Indianapolis and Marion County Indiana. Our mission is to assist low-income anddisabled seniors with home repairs necessa...

What we do

NeighborLink Indy provides freehome repair and maintenance services in 11 specific categories to verylow-income seniors within Marion County Indiana. These include 1. Plumbing and heating services 2. Electrical safety 3. Ceiling and wall repair 4. Fl...

Why we do it

The need: According to The Center forHousing Policy "By 2050, the population of individuals aged 65 or olderwill increase 120 percent from 40 million to more than 88 million; put anotherway, one in every five Americans will be 65+. The numbers of Ame...

How do we do it

NeighborLink Indianapolis was created in 2013 to help low-income seniors with home repairs. Seniors in need call our phone number and are guided through a process that ends with their requests being posted on the NeighborLinkIndy website. We then coo...

Who are we - the people

NeighborLink Indianapolis Foundation Inc has a six member Board of Directors: Lisa Morris - Executive Director Metro Ministries Jared Adams - COO Apparatus Dave Bertolet - Owner Renovations for Life LLC Ted Mosey - Director Habitat for Humanity Tom H...

Featured Projects

Project #1523

I just need a little help caring with some yard work that has gotten away from me. I was in a car accident about 2 months ago and have not been able to clean up my yard. I got a letter from a neighbor suggesting I do something about it soon, but I am...

Project #1522

vetted for this request: Wife of disabled vet requests grab bar for tub.

Project #1521

69 year old woman with poor hot water flow at all areas of house. Vetted for income.

Project #1520: Paint eaves

Eaves repaired extensively. Soffit and facial need painting now. Gutter hangers are waiting for our call. Group could do this in 3 hours or less. Paint color is black.

Project #1517

Request from Michael's nurse for help clearing out debri from a house fire.


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