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Some volunteer positions we could use help with now!

1. Content Creator for Social Media & Email Photography, Video, written story or even quote from a writtenstory put into a social media friendly graphic. The volunteer content creatorwould be directed to individuals who have been helped out by NLIndy...

Volunteers needed to help seniors with health dept. citations

NeighborLink is working with the Marion County Health Department to assist low-income seniors whose homes have been cited. Seniors in these circumstances often want to resolve the citations but just don't have the resources to respond as needed. The ...

Plumbing Projects needing help NOW!

If you or someone you know can help with plumbing problems, please contact us and let's talk about how you can help. We have a lot of seniors waiting for help. Here's a link to the current list below. Take a look. Click here https://www.dropbox.com/s...

Seniors and Health Department Citations

The Marion County Health Department and NeighborLink Indy are partnering to help low-income seniors resolve citation situations. Did you ever wonder how citations for things like trash in the yard, uncut grass, unpainted or unmaintained homes happen?...

How's it going...

So far this year NeighborLink Indy has accepted 340 requests for help, and we have completed 178. Thanks to our generous donors and inspired volunteers, there is a lot of work underway - not enough, of course. Our bank account has dropped under $5000...

Featured Projects

Project #1455

vetted: Senior male with plumbing request. There is no water supply to the shower after friends tried to help him change the shower head.

Project #1454: Making home safe

Senior couple live in a tri-level home and use stairs daily. Husband is disabled and has fallen several times. Family need handrails on the stairs and other installments to make it handicap safe. Please contact Helga for more questions

Project #1453

vetted: Senior female requests weatherization of windows, inside of windows gets frost on inside in the winter. She has another project posted.

Project #1452

vetted: senior female requests repair of storm door, the knob is loose and the top of the door rubs against the frame when opened. She has another project posted.

Project #1451

Couple with severely disabled husband. Vetted for income. CICOA installed railing in interior staircase (5 steps, necessary to get to bathroom) several years ago. Husband now needs second railing for opposite wall to be able to access.



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