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For Questions or more info about any ofthese contact Most recent stuff is first: We received a $1000 donation to help our disabled vet Thomas. We have ongoing work at two locations with bathroom remodels. If you can help let Dave know...

Ongoing Work We Need Help With

Need someone a couple hours a week to track and record expenses, receipts, bills, checks, reimbursements, etc. This would be a big help to us! Need a few volunteers who can help with moving 'stuff' from one place to another. Our logistics guy would c...

Disabled Vet get's big help!

Disabled Vet Thomas got a real boost from volunteers and local agencies last week. For the full story check this out...

Mary's new bathroom

Mary C., well past her 80th birthday has waited more than a year for help. Volunteers did some work on the exterior of her home, and one man used her bathroom during that workday. The bathroom was tiny, crumbling floor, rocking toilet, walls peeling,...

New Projects

Project #699

53 year old disabled woman has holes in her soffits allowing squirrels into her attic. She is not asking for critter removal, just fixing the holes.

Project #698

71 year old female who has been informed by the State Board of Health that she has 30 days to get her one story, two bedroom house painted if she is to remain in her home.

Project #697

71 year old female with problems walking and standing. Has leaks in bathtub, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink.