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Project #2447
Disabled female, current client, reports her gas furnace isn't working. The furnace is 9 plus years old.
Project #2446: Plumbing
Vetted female has two problems in the bathtub. When the faucets are turned on water comes out the back of faucets and then there is a problem with the shower head. She saids that there is a big hole. CAGI
Project #2445: Plumbing
Vetted female has facet in bathtub that wants to leak. Another project is listed. See discussion for more info. CAGI
Project #2444: Railings
Vetted female needs railing on front porch steps. There are actually two sets of steps off the front porch. An assessment needs to be done to determine the need. See discussion for more information
Project #2442
Previously vetted homeowner needs new flooring ( can just be painted) after we removed damaged the floor. There is also some ceiling and wall repair needed in the second room.

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