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Project #2158
vetted: Senior female requests help clearing BOH citations for yard. Copy of citations in dropbox.
Project #2157: Water Heater
Need to have water heater replaced. NEEDS VETTING
Project #2156: Painting
If project #2155 is completed, the posts, porch floor and porch wall and windows need painting. May be able to provide some paint NEEDS VETTING
Project #2155: Front Porch
Need concrete porch pad and post bases re-done. Concrete is crumbling. Wrought iron posts holding awning over porch are mounted on concrete bases. Would be unable to contribute to project. NEEDS VETTING
Project #2154: Leaky roof
Vetted female. Roof is leaking water into home in corner of front room and rear bedroom. Needs assessed. Windows are also very drafty, but client is at max of two projects currently.

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