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Project #2386: Need a stair rail
I need a stair railing for my back steps. I was using the awning post for stability but it broke . I just need something to hold on to going up and down 3 steps. I suffer from diabetes type1 heart disease vertigo etc. I have worked my whole life an...
Project #2385
Senior woman, previous client, needs window air conditioner installed.
Project #2384
previously vetted: Senior male requests repair/replacement of kitchen cabinets and floor.
Project #2383
Disabled woman, qualifies for CAGI, has BOH citation for limbs in yard. Copy of citation in dropbox.
Project #2382: Flooring
Vetted female states that she flooring in the bathroom has water damage in front of the shower and tile has come off leaving a hole that can be seen when in the basement. There is another project listed.

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