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Project #2554: Fuse Box
Patient states her fuse box is "bad." She had two what appeared to be very old fuses sitting beside her. She says she has no power in her kitchen but has power in her living room. She would not let me look at her fuse box.
Project #2553: Outside doors
Vetted (CAGI) 91 year old female has front, back and side doors that are not fitting correctly.. See discussion for more information. Another project is listed
Project #2552: Railings
Vetted (CAGI) 91 year old female needs railings on Side and back door. See discussion for more information. She has another project listed.
Project #2551
ceiling is falling down and roof is leaking in mobile home. 83 yrs old with limited income.
Project #2550
vetted: Senior female reports leaks in roof, roof is about 10 yrs old. The house is 2 stories. She has other projects posted.

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